Please pray that our hearts will be opened and that our giving will be truly generous.
— Ed W & Karen K

Online Pledging

To plan responsibly for the coming year, we need to have an understanding of what funds we will have to work with. The stewardship campaign collects financial pledges from our members and friends. These pledges are then used as the basis for creating our operating budget for the following year.

The operating budget allocates funds to support our staff salaries, our facilities, our ministries and our programs. This is different from a capital budget, which focuses on obtaining or improving buildings or assets. The operating fund is different from a special offering to support a mission or special project. The operating budget, resulting from the stewardship campaign, supports our church’s basic needs.


The Congregational Church of Batavia provides the option of giving online, either on a one-time or re-occurring basis. After clicking on the link below, you will first need to login to the web site so that your gift can be accurately recorded. If you need to establish a login or have forgotten your username or password, there are options on the next screen to address those issues.

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