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Listening Session

We’ll Listen.

The United Church of Christ 32nd General Synod adopted a resolution establishing an Action Team to Conduct a Listening Campaign and Bring Recommendations on the Future of Christian Witness at General Synod.

The resolution reminds us that the Gospel of John reveals that it is in our one-on-one conversations with each other, when we take the time to ask what is on your heart and why are you weeping, that God shows up.

The Justice and Witness Team in Conjunction with the Fox River Valley Initiative will hold a facilitated conversation Saturday, August 3 beginning at 10:00am in Paxton Hall.

The outcomes of the conversation will be used by the J&W Team in developing goals for 2019-2025 in keeping with the Vision Statement recently adopted by the Church Council.

The outcomes will be shared with the Fox River Valley Initiative for consideration as areas of future actions. The FRVI is a coalition of 16 communities of faith, not-for profits, and other Civic minder organizations.

The outcomes will be provided to the Pastoral Search Committee for them to decide whether the information is informative for their purpose.