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Power of the Myth Adult Ed Series - Episode 4, Sacrifice and Bliss

The Power of the Myth is one of the most popular and well respected series in the history of public television. Originally broadcast on PBS in the late 1980’s, the series features six one hour conversations between Joseph Campbell and the respected journalist Bill Moyers. Campbell became fascinated with myths. He found that the same myth occurred across many independent cultures which made him ask why. Probing more deeply, he found that myths played and still play an important role in our lives and in our societies.

This adult education opportunity is being presented by Faith Formation during July and August 2018 on Sundays at 11:00 a.m. in Paxton Hall: August 5, 2018: Episode 5, Love and the Goddess August 12, 2018: Episode 6: Masks of Eternity August 19, 2018: Guest lecture by Paul Lloyd to explore applying The Power of the Myth in writing August 26, 2018:  General discussion on The Power of the Myth. We will also answer Joseph Campbell’s two    quintessential questions: Are we following our bliss?  Are we living the Myth or does the Myth live us?