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Christmas Gift Festival

Christmas Gift Festival The Christmas Gift Festival kicks off on Sunday, November 11, with speakers for each of our selected charities during the worship service. The shopping list can be found through this link. This year’s selected charities are:

The Care and Share Fund of the Congregational Church of Batavia: This fund is meant to bridge pits of hopelessness that fall into the lives of everyday people. You think you are going to make all your bills this month and then it happens…you get sick and miss work, medication bills, doctor’s bills, your car needs $500 of work you cannot afford, but if you don’t get to work, you won’t have a job. You lose your job and have to make it until you find the next job. You are single with no family to fall back on, and you have one emergency of $300 and you can’t make it. These are the pits that actually make the difference between sleeping in your car and keeping your apartment or house. This is the fund that not only bridges your financial gap, but allows you the opportunity for pastoral counseling, prayer, and support. The Care and Share Fund is the hands of the congregation working as the hands of Christ. The CCOB Care and Share Fund is put into action by the gifts of the congregation and at the discretion of the pastor and staff. All funds flow through the financial system of the church as a check and balance.

Suicide Prevention Services of America: Our mission is to open minds, save lives and restore hope through prevention, intervention, and post intervention, using education, advocacy, and collaboration. We have a paid staff of five, all with master’s degrees or higher, and about twenty volunteers and six interns. We also have a board of directors who volunteer to meet once a month and review our work. We provide confidential and personalized treatment for a variety of issues frequently linked to suicidal ideation, including mood disorders, anxiety, and trauma. SPS volunteers staff the SPS Depression and Suicide Prevention Hotline. If you have recently lost a loved one to suicide, Suicide Prevention Services is here for support. We have support groups that each meet once a month as well as counseling. We have contracts with several schools in Kane and Kendall County for outreach to the children as well as being available in crisis control/ prevention.

UCC Disaster Ministries Emergency USA Fund: Each year in the United States, hundreds of disasters occur. Some disasters are large enough to make the news, but often dozens of smaller disasters escape media attention. The Emergency USA Fund allows UCC Disaster Ministries to respond to both large and small, natural and human-caused disasters in all fifty U.S. States and territories. International Emergency Relief Fund: Disasters affect millions of people worldwide every year. UCC Disaster Ministries is well positioned to respond in most parts of the world through our longstanding partnerships and connections. Donations to the International Disaster Relief Fund enable UCC Disaster Ministries to support emergency relief efforts, long-term rehabilitation, advocacy, and sustainability efforts. Gift Festival cards will be offered for sale beginning Sunday, December 2. We will also have representatives for each charity on hand to answer questions and provide additional information.

Later Event: December 14
Sandy Hook Remembrance