Moving Forward Together in Christ Event Note - and Upcoming Date

What did we learn from the Nov 19 "Moving Forward Together in Christ" discussion?

On Nov 19, about 50 people stayed after coffee hour to be part of the process of determining what our priorities should be going forward. People were assigned to tables randomly.  A church Council representative was present at every table.  Our consultant, Dr David Norton, along with Moderator Dave Hummel and Vice Moderator Mary Pat English rotated among the tables.  Participants were asked to respond to these three questions:

1. What have been the best points of connection for you in a church - either this church or another one?

2. What will help you connect more deeply with our congregation over the next few years?

3. What supportive resources can our congregation provide to help you grow deeper in your faith?

Each table picked a spokesperson to report a summary of their table's responses to each question, so all present got a feeling for what everyone was thinking.  Dave and Mary Pat have compiled and organized the responses for Church Council and ministry teams to review.  Priorities and goals will be set during the next few months.

A repeat event will be held Jan 7, so the senior high students, who were on retreat Nov 19, have a chance to participate in the process. Any other members/friends of the congregation who were not able to attend Nov 19 are cordially invited to the Jan 7 event.