Registration Required.  Sign-up posted on Outreach bulletin board. 

1.      Softball at Marklund:  Thursday July 19 an/or Thursday August 2, 6:15 – 7:30.  Must be at least 14 years old.

 “High school and college students from our church have been volunteering at Marklund for several years now, coming to decorate resident doors at Christmas time and assisting with the summer softball games.  These experiences, especially the softball games, have been wonderful ways for our students to be introduced to the idea that though limited in some ways, Marklund’s residents rise above challenges to engage in fun activities in unique ways.  …  We are learning that even those who have trouble communicating or functioning still enjoy eye contact, a gentle touch, conversation, AND- fun stuff to do.  We enjoy our time at Marklund.”

–Marcia Schneider, Director of Youth and Young Adults, Congregational Church of Batavia, Batavia, Illinois

2.      Sort and Pack Food at Northern Illinois Food Bank: Saturday August 18, 9AM – 11:30.  Must be at least 8 years old

 3.       Feed My Starving Children:  Friday July 13, 6 – 7:30.  Must be at least 5 years old.


Outreach Donations for the Food Pantry and Batavia Apartments

Suggested donation schedule for the Batavia Food Pantry

June 17: Fruit Juice, Applesauce, Salad Dressing

June 24: Summer and Spring Clothing, Underwear

The Batavia Apartments, managed by Mercy Housing, provides a home to low-income families, seniors, individuals and people with special needs.  June needs include: shampoo and conditioner, napkins, paper towels, Clorox wipes (or equivalent)

Chip- In Batavia is looking for some summer school supplies for Special Needs and ELL students.  If you can assist we are seeking donations of dry erase markers (8-10 in box) or black socks by June 10.  The black socks will be used as dry erase erasers. Donation bins are outside Paxton Hall.

The First Aurora Gay Pride Parade

Stepping out on Open and Affirming - The Justice and Witness Committee invites all members and friends to witness to the inclusive love of God by marching in the first ever Aurora Gay Pride Parade on Sunday, June 17th. We will carry our church banner, wear COB T-shirts or red T-shirts, carry signs of our making and pass out Skittles with business cards. Ann Alexander has graciously offered to drive her pick-up truck, allowing some unable to walk to parade also. (Yes, it is Father’s Day - but the parade steps off at 12 noon and will be done in time to also celebrate Father' Day - some Aurora establishments will be offering special discounts to celebrate after the parade), For more information, to affirm your presence that day and/or to reserve a place with the truck, please contact the church office at 



Kids are always welcome!

Yes, your children are always welcome to play in the nursery school’s rooms! Nevertheless, we want to keep your children safe and respect the school’s property. Therefore, we ask that:

A responsible adult or teen always be with the kids

Toys and furniture be put back where they were found before you leave

Any messy areas be cleaned up before you leave

All toys remain at the church and in the room where they were found

Personal items and food be taken with you

Please understand that our rooms must be ready for the nursery school teachers and students each weekday morning. It’s important that they come into a clean, attractive, and child-friendly environment.  Thank you for your understanding and help!

Are You on Facebook?


Our church has two Facebook accounts. One is a public Facebook page which can be seen by anyone.  We use this account to provide information about our church services, ministries, and events for members and others. 

In our second account, the content is not available for everyone in the public to view.  The congregation uses it to share joys and concerns, pictures, poems, something that inspires them, etc.   Members of the group can read, post, and comment, and no one outside of the group can see the posts and comments. This is known on Facebook as a closed group.

To find either the church Facebook page or the closed group, you can log into your Facebook account and in the search bar type in either  Congregational Church of Batavia or Members and Friends of the CCOB.  This should bring you to a list of suggestions.  Click on your choice and then you should be able to “like” or “join.”

If you have any questions about either Facebook group or difficulty finding the links, please contact Laura Bernabei at childrenandfamilyministry@