toGather is our weekly program for children and youth grades K - 8. This program is open to members of our church as well as friends and neighbors!  Opportunities for Adult mission projects and discussions are frequesntly available.

toGather meets on Wednesdays beginning at 5:30 with dinner

Senior High Small Groups aka "Smallies" meet on Sundays, 5pm to 8pm

toGather is a weekly “retreat” that provides all the dynamics of a good camp experience right here in church. Through a combination of Bible Study, Worship, Dinner and activities to help our youth build and strengthen a relationship with Jesus Christ and each other. 

Parents and volunteers are essential to the success of the toGather program. Active participation by at least one parent is required.  We ask that you participate in one segment of the evening for a trimester for each child in the program. More time is always appreciated.  In accordance with our Safe Church Policy, all Children and Youth Ministry volunteers have a yearly criminal background check.

Contact Laura Bernabei or Marcia Schneider for more information.

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